There are many different American Express credit card offers on the market at the moment, namely the American Express Blue and the small business credit card. With many of the current American Express offers the main emphasis of the Platinum credit card is rewards, namely cashback. With this offer the essence is the same, you can earn up to 2% cash back on everything that you spend. However, the cashback levels are graded on how much you spend over a 12 month period. For amounts that are less than £3,000, you will earn 0.5% cashback, for spend amounts between £3,001 and £7,500 you will earn 1% cashback. For the top tier cashback of 2% you will have to spend in excess of £7,500 per year. In an average family household where the credit card is being used for household purchases, shopping, insurance, fuel, travel, and clothing this figure should be achievable. However, try not to use this figure as an excuse to earn more cash, only spending amounts in excess of £7,500 will be liable for the 2% cashback. For example, if you spend £10,000 in any given year you will earn 0.5% cashback up to £3,000 (£15), 1% cashback from £3,000 to £7,500 (£45) and 2% on amounts over £7,500 (£50). The total cashback for an annual £10,000 spend will be £15 + £45 + £50 = £110There is also an introductory balance transfer offer, however at 4.9% for 6 months there are many other offers that offer much better value. As mentioned above the main focus of this credit card is the cashback option. Current American Express Platinum credit card offers
4.9% balance transfers for 6 months spending up to £3,000 per annum receive 0.5% cashback for spending levels between £3,001 and £7,500 per annum receive 1% cashback for spending levels in excess of £7,500 receive 2% cash back free purchase protection for any items lost or stolen free refund protection repayment protection online fraud guarantee24 hour customer service typical apr 14.9% variableAmerican Express logo
 The American Express Platinum credit card is targeted at those who will clear their balance every month and earn cashback rewards. With a 2% cashback reward for those who spend over £7,500 per annum, this is an attractive proposition. However, other similar credit cards that should be taken into consideration would be Morgan Stanley credit card, Marbles credit card, and the American Express Blue.

American Express Platinum Credit Card Summary Box

Card TypeAmerican Express
Introductory Balance Transfers4.9% for 6 months
Introductory PurchasesNo
Annual FeeNo (you must spend at least £500 in the first year or Amex may charge a fee)
Cash Back Scheme0.5% for amounts up to £2,000
1% for amounts in excess of £2,001
Reward SchemeNo
Typical apr variable (purchases)14.9%
Typical apr variable (cash advance)22.9%
Monthly apr (cash advance)1.57%
Cash advance fee2% (min £2)
Minimum Payment3% (min £5)
Max Interest Free Period51 days
Credit AmountMinimum £1,000
ChargesForeign Use 2.73%
Duplicate Statement £5